Meet BGaming: Top Games, Expansion in Latin America, and Brand Differentials

Piela Yamashita
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BGaming Exclusive Interview for Aposta Hub 2024

BGaming is a strong and innovative brand investing in the Brazilian market. Recently, Aposta Hub has partnered with this famous game provider, and we interviewed Olga Levshina, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at BGaming, to better understand the brand differentials, plans for expansion in Latin America, and the most successful games, like themed games such as the Wild Heart.

Check out this exclusive interview for Aposta Hub.

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“Collaborating with local influencers and streamers will remain a key strategy for us, as it proved successful in 2023. We are excited about the opportunities in Latin America.” Olga Levshina, CCO

BGaming is a reference company in the iGaming market, with several awards. How does the brand differentiate itself from other game providers in the market?

BGaming stands out in the iGaming market as beyond game provider. We have established ourselves as a dynamic and player-centric game developer, publisher, and trusted partner with a significant presence across the globe. Our secret? We’re always tuning into what players want, giving us a leg up on the competition.

BGaming is not just about the games; we’ve got our clients back every step of the way. From seamless integration through aggregators or direct setup, we make it effortless. When it comes to promotions, we’ve got marketing tools to make online casino brands shine, from festive game reskins to customized content options.

Our clients, including prominent names of Stake, Blaze, and Gamdom, have already seen the benefits of our client-centric approach, with enhanced player retention, boosted GGR, and that coveted sense of exclusivity.

BGaming has a special project called “When Arts Meets Gaming”. Can you explain how the project works? What motivates BGaming to promote art with gaming? Is there any similar plan for Brazil in the pipeline?

The “When Arts Meets Gaming” project is our special way of blending the worlds of art and gaming. BGaming teams up with talented artists from around the globe to put their spin on our iconic game characters. It’s not just about showcasing our games at offline exhibitions; it’s about unleashing creativity in every aspect of what we do.

When we hit up exhibitions in different countries, we don’t just bring our games; we bring local street artists on board to give our characters a fresh, local flair. Their art becomes a key part of our exhibition setup, from decorating BGaming’s stands to inspiring exclusive merchandise lines.

Why do we do it? Simple: because we’re all about pushing boundaries and offering something unique. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to collaborate with creative minds worldwide and inject new energy into our brand.

As for Brazil, BGaming has recently been to SiGMA Americas in Sao Paulo, featuring our 6th artistic collaboration with the Brazilian street art duo, Clandestinos Art. These talented artists, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, have over 20 years of experience in mural creation and have developed stunning interpretations of some of BGaming’s beloved characters, including Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS, Aztec Magic Bonanza, Scratch Alpaca, Book of Cats MEGAWAYS™, Penny Pelican and Jogo do Bicho.

When art meets gaming

The gaming market in Latin America is booming. Now, with the regulation of betting in Brazil, and the inclusion of the “online games” category in the Law, the gaming scenario in Brazil becomes very attractive for operators. How does BGaming see the Brazilian market and what are the brand’s plans for Latin America?

BGaming views the Brazilian gaming market with great interest, especially in light of recent regulatory developments regarding iGaming. While the specifics are still unfolding, we see this as a positive move towards providing clarity and structure to the industry. Clear regulations can create a safer and more transparent environment for players and operators, aligning with our values as a responsible content provider.

We’re committed to complying with these regulations and working closely with regulatory authorities to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the iGaming industry in Brazil.

As for our plans in Latin America, we’re actively expanding our presence in countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. We’ll enrich our portfolio with new casual games and online slots, tailoring content specifically for these regions. Additionally, we’ll ramp up our marketing efforts with innovative promo tools like Drops and unique BGaming Challenges.

Collaborating with local influencers and streamers will remain a key strategy for us, as it has proven successful in 2023. In short, we’re excited about the opportunities in Latin America and are ready to seize them with enthusiasm.

How BGaming creates new games? How is the process of finding new ideas and themes? Do you have direct contact with players, or is the development based on operator demands?

BGaming’s game creation process is a dynamic blend of market demands, partner feedback, player preferences, and our own gaming expertise. Our goal is simple: to create games that bring joy to players and deliver engaging gaming experiences. We’re constantly looking for new ideas and themes, drawing inspiration from various sources to ensure our games cater to diverse preferences.

Quality is our top priority at BGaming. We don’t just churn out games; we focus on crafting top-notch experiences that resonate with players. To achieve this, we maintain close communication with the Scatters Club, a vibrant gambling community comprising over 6,000 real players. Their insights directly influence our game development process, allowing us to refine aesthetics and mechanics to suit player tastes better.

BGaming has been in the market for a long time, and in several countries. With this vast experience, can you share a bit about the audience that enjoys BGaming’s games? What does this audience value the most in your opinion? (usability, visual and design, probability of winning, etc).

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one aspect, but undoubtedly, usability, visual design, and probability of winning are highly valued by BGaming’s audience. Across our diverse gaming portfolio, titles like Scratch Alpaca and Capymania, as well as crash games such as Dragon’s Crash, are particularly popular due to their high volatility and the potential for significant winnings.

In addition to our extensive portfolio of over 150 diverse, high-quality, and certified games, including video slots, video poker, lottery, card, scratch, crash, and casual games featuring top industry mechanics, BGaming also offers progressive marketing promo tools. Challenges and Drops, for instance, are currently in high demand among players as they provide more opportunities to win.

We regularly gather feedback from streamers and players alike, and we’re pleased to see that our products often meet their needs and give a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience and fresh gameplay.